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He was articulate and had kind eyes. He simply wanted to know what I was writing. Not quite sure what to say, I told him I was writing a speech. My anxiety went way up, knowing that he had been reading everything I was writing. But, I took a breath and decided to tell him.

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If they helped the city and prayed for peace, they would have a bright future. They didn't want to plant or build, but.

Obviously, they had to do one thing to get the other! Just when I thought I had bored the man right out of his mind, he stopped me and said,"you know, I have gotten into some trouble. In fact, I'm not sure where I am going right now. I usually take the earlier train, but today I did my devotions and took the later one. I think I needed to hear these words.

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  6. I need to hear that God still cares about me and has a plan. Thank you sister. I won't take any more of your time. I just can't believe that so many things could go wrong and God still has hope in me. Was this the same man that I was going to ignore? Was this the man who I didn't want to talk to? God had a message for him and he almost didn't get it because of me!

    Here he was, all dressed up with literally no place to go and yet he felt hope knowing that God cared.

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    Culpeper ‎– All Dressed Up And Nowhere To Go (1977)

    Malcolm Bradbury. Average rating 2. Rating details. More filters.

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    Sort order. This book is well-written, intelligent, and perceptive, but don't expect non-stop belly laughs. I hate it when all a reviewer can come up with is a weak, whiny "It just wasn't what I expected" but this book wasn't what I expected and I think I have some justification for being disappointed. It's billed as "humor" and there is humor, but that's only a small component.

    I think the biggest problem is that it's a cut-and-paste job, composed of two books that were combined. While the two books technica This book is well-written, intelligent, and perceptive, but don't expect non-stop belly laughs. While the two books technically concern the same subject - the author's observations of post-WWII England - each is written from a different viewpoint.

    Bradbury was a wonderful writer and a very persuasive guy. So he convinces you of one thing and then in the second half of the book switches to the other side. The author was a bright lad who moved up in the world by going to college Not Cambridge or Oxford. He wasn't that bright and his family had no money. He was a product of what the British Upper Crust sneeringly refers to as a "red brick" university. He was clever enough to realize that Americans have great respect for an English accent and no idea of what class the speaker represents.

    And so he hied himself off to the American Mid-West to accept a position as an English professor. When he returned to England, the contrast between the energetic, forward-thinking Americans and the timid, backward-looking English struck him forcibly and he wrote a book, which was published in In this book, he accuses the English of being "phogeys" - a catch-all description of someone who is both a fogey and a phoney. The English his argument runs were fogeys because they refused to entertain the idea that anything new could possibly be an improvement.

    They were phoneys because the world-order for which their mind-set was suited i. He discusses the various types of phogeys of different genders, ages, and classes and it's witty and entertaining, although each section goes on a bit too long. When you get to the second half of the book which was published in he reverses course and roundly condemns modern life and it's plastic, second-rate ambitions and extols traditional English life, where quality and common sense ruled supreme.

    It's as well-written and perceptive as the first half of the book, but not as entertaining and nowhere near as funny. This is not really a humor book, but a sociology book. Or you could call it amateur sociological observation.

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    Which is ironic, because the author in both halves of the book repeatedly expresses his contempt for sociologists and their field. But he does the same thing, only without pie charts and graphs and statistics. He also makes cutting remarks about the inane English custom of recognizing achievement with knighthoods and about the pathetic men who covet those absurd "honors.

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    RIP Sir Malcolm. You should have trusted your instincts. I love wry British humor, but this book disappointed me.

    All dressed up and nowhere to go

    There are some great parts, but there's too much filler. Unless you're very patient, I can't really recommend it.

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    On the other hand, if you want to read one intelligent man's observations about life on both sides of the Pond in the decade-and-a-half after the end of WWII, you might find it interesting. D rated it liked it Sep 25, Jane rated it it was ok Jan 15,